General business conditions

1. Scope

Proseccheria provides all deliveries exclusively on the basis of these General Terms and Conditions. They apply to the delivery of goods that the customer orders from Proseccheria via online shopping on the Internet, by email, by letter, by order form (wine fairs / wine festivals / events) or by telephone. The order offer only applies to the defined areas of Switzerland.

2. Ordering goods

The contract is concluded at the time the customer receives an order confirmation from Proseccheria .

Orders for goods can be placed up to a maximum of 30 days before the desired delivery date. Cancellation is possible up to 24 hours before delivery.

If it is determined after the order confirmation that the delivery cannot be completely fulfilled because individual products are not available at short notice, Proseccheria will inform the customer of this before delivery.

If products are not available at the time of delivery, they will not be invoiced or sent later. In such cases, the customer is not entitled to any real claim or compensation

3. Delivery

Proseccheria limits deliveries to the territory of Switzerland.

Delivery takes place directly to the delivery address and contact person provided by the customer.

Proseccheria differentiates between different delivery types:

Delivery of food/drinks with PostPac Priority Express In all areas of Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein in which Proseccheria does not offer its own delivery of food and, under certain conditions, at the customer's choice in the main delivery area, the goods will be delivered with the PostPac Priority service Delivered express by Swiss Post. There is no minimum order value. Delivery takes place on a day that can be freely selected during the ordering process, at which time the post office usually delivers the packages.

Proseccheria and Swiss Post do everything they can to meet this delivery date. Failure to adhere to the delivery date does not give rise to any right to withdraw from the order or to compensation. If Swiss Post is unable to carry out an order confirmed by Proseccheria , Proseccheria is under no obligation to carry out the delivery elsewhere. This does not give the customer any right to compensation.

If the customer is absent during the delivery and the goods cannot otherwise be handed over to people present by Swiss Post, your order will be left at the front door of the house or apartment. When the order is deposited with the customer by Swiss Post, the risk of theft and damage (e.g. due to excessive sunlight) is transferred to the customer. If the goods cannot be handed over to people present, the delivery is deemed to have been accepted by the customer as complete and of flawless quality.

If Swiss Post is unable to carry out an order confirmed by Proseccheria , Proseccheria is under no obligation to carry out the delivery elsewhere. This does not give the customer any right to compensation.

4. Delivery Fees

Food deliveries through Proseccheria 's personal delivery service or through Swiss Post. The delivery fee is CHF 10 for each order value.

5. Price / Payment

All prices are in Swiss francs, including VAT.

To pay for Proseccheria deliveries, the customer has various payment methods available, depending on the product range and shipping method:

– Credit card online

– Payment by invoice with payment slip for regular customers

– Payment with Proseccheria gift vouchers online.

Depending on the range and shipping method, only some of the payment methods mentioned above are accepted. Which payment methods can be selected will be displayed for selection in the payment process when ordering.

Proseccheria currently accepts Mastercard, Visa and American Express credit cards.

When paying in advance by credit card, payment is made differently depending on the order type:

When ordering by fax, email, letter or telephone, the customer provides Proseccheria with their credit card number, the card verification number CVV / CVC and the associated expiry date of the card. Proseccheria then records this data in the system and carries out an online authorization request with the respective credit card organization.

When ordering via the online shop, the cardholder enters the credit card number, the card verification number CVV / CVC and the associated expiry date of their card online in the Proseccheria online shop. The system then carries out the online authorization request with the respective credit card organization.

Payment by invoice with payment slip

Payment by invoice with a payment slip requires a successful credit check by Proseccheria . If this automatic check, which is carried out after login, is negative, or if no information about creditworthiness is available, the “invoice” payment method will not be displayed.

After delivery, invoices will be sent by post to the main address mentioned under “Account” or, if possible, included directly with the delivery of goods.

Invoices must be paid within 10 days without deductions such as cash discounts and other discounts. Unauthorized deductions will be charged subsequently. If payment is not made on time, a fee of CHF 20 will be charged and the payment method “invoice” will no longer be available until the invoice has been paid.

6. Complaint

Defects that are readily apparent upon receipt of the goods must be reported immediately, otherwise the goods are deemed to have been approved. For defects that only become apparent at a later date and for all other deliveries, the customer must inform Proseccheria customer service immediately by email or telephone, if necessary also in writing.

7. Applicable law/place of jurisdiction

In the event of disputes, Swiss law is exclusively applicable. The place of jurisdiction is determined according to the Jurisdiction Act and is at Proseccheria 's headquarters in 8002 Zurich. For orders that were not placed by private individuals, the exclusive place of jurisdiction is Zurich.

8. Data protection

The data collected will be treated confidentially and in good faith. By accepting the general terms and conditions, you agree that your data may be passed on within the Proseccheria group and/or through its partner companies according to the following principles:

When you first contact us, your data will be collected in the form of personal information such as last name, first name, address, age, email, and for marketing purposes. In addition to the explicitly entered data, information from the log files (a type of computer work report) is also automatically collected. No conclusions about the person are drawn from this. We use this information exclusively to be able to create anonymous statistics about the use of our Internet offerings. The details of your orders/purchases (shopping cart) can be evaluated in terms of purchase frequency and amount. With regard to their content, an evaluation is only carried out in an anonymous form.

Your data may be passed on within the Proseccheria group. However, you can declare during the registration process that you do not want any advertising from the relevant provider. If you decide later that you no longer want advertising, you can report this to the contact point provided. However, the corresponding note then only applies to the marketing communication of the provider in question and not to all providers in the Proseccheria group.

Your data will only be passed on to a partner company of the Proseccheria group if this is mentioned by name in the general terms and conditions. Partner companies that process your data as part of a contractual relationship are not mentioned by name, although data can also be transferred abroad. It is ensured that the processing partner company does not use the data beyond the specific customer order and that it neither uses the data for itself nor passes it on to a third party. The latest security technology is used to protect your data against unauthorized editing. In principle, no liability can be assumed for the security of data transmitted on the Internet. The data is transmitted unencrypted. However, we automatically offer encryption for sensitive data.

9. Customer service/imprint

The following contact options are available:

Customer service telephone: 078 945 23 15

Postal address: Factory21 - Proseccheria, Customer Service, Bederstrasse 77, 8002 Zurich


10. Changes and Additions

Proseccheria expressly reserves the right to adapt these General Terms and Conditions to the circumstances at any time and to apply them immediately. In particular, Proseccheria is obliged to immediately incorporate any changed or supplemented requirements of the credit card organizations into the General Terms and Conditions.

Alternative dispute resolution in accordance with Article 14 Paragraph 1 ODR-VO and Section 36 VSBG:

The European commission provides a platform for online dispute resolution (OS) which is accessible at . We are not obliged nor willing to participate in dispute settlement proceedings before a consumer arbitration board.

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