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Proseccheria, your gateway to the most exquisite Prosecco experiences and the most talented sparkling wine producers in Italy. Proseccheria is not only about exceptional Prosecco, but also about personal connections and genuine friendships. The producers of the sparkling wines to be found in the online shop are not only outstanding craftsmen in their field, but above all good friends.

We know every winemaker personally. We know their stories, their passions and their dedication to perfection. But for us, the bond goes even deeper. As the owner of Proseccheria, I, Marco Polesello, grew up in the heart of the Valdobbiadene region. This is where I made many of my long-standing friendships, which have existed since the sandpit. Together we have enjoyed many a bottle of Prosecco and shared unforgettable moments.

This personal connection enables us not only to offer you high-quality Prosecco products, but also to provide you with unique insights into the world of sparkling wine. Immerse yourself in the world of Prosecco with us, discover the fascinating stories behind each winemaker and be inspired by the friendship and passion that accompany every sip of our Prosecco specialities. At Proseccheria, quality meets personal relationships.

Our winegrowers

Azienda Agricola Marsuret

The story of Marsuret is one of passion, dedication, and innovation spanning generations. In the picturesque Valdobbiadene, a place of timeless beauty and long-standing winemaking tradition, this story began in 1936.

Agostino Marsura, a man of visionary spirit and deep connection to his land, acquired a vineyard in the Val de Cune in Guia di Valdobbiadene, laying the foundation for the sparkling wine enterprise. It was Agostino who mastered the art of natural bottle fermentation, paving the way for the first sparkling wine of its kind. His brother Giovanni, equally ingrained in the vineyards and family traditions, continued this path, refining sparkling wine production through manual labor, careful grape selection, and vineyard care.

The values lived by Agostino and Giovanni Marsura became the cornerstones of Marsuret. Even as the company grew and evolved, it remained true to its origins. The winery, now a place where tradition and modernity harmoniously blend, still resides amidst the family-owned vineyards, surrounded by the region's most renowned DOCG areas such as Cartizze, Col San Martino, Guia, Premaor, Rolle, Zuel, and Le Serre. Marsuret's vineyards lie in the hilly landscape where Valdobbiadene DOCG is produced. Each location is unique, imparting distinctive characteristics to the Prosecco Superiore grown there. These precious vineyards, nestled among steep hills, are always tended and harvested by hand. Due to their location, microclimate, and soil composition, they are all highly diverse and of exceptional quality. In their bouquet and aroma, they express fully the seductive charm of the unique character of each vineyard cultivated by the Marsuret family.

With the leadership of Giovanni, Valter, and Ermes Marsura, a new era began. Driven by an insatiable desire for perfection, Ermes introduced significant changes to the sparkling wine production methods to ensure the highest quality and authenticity. Under his guidance, Marsuret's sparkling wines gained worldwide recognition and received numerous awards, particularly for the exquisite Prosecco and the noble Superiore di Cartizze.

Yet, the story of Marsuret does not end here. With Alessio and Enrico, the sons of Ermes, a new generation steps onto the stage. With fresh ideas, expanded expertise, and boundless enthusiasm, they contribute to carrying their family's tradition into the future. The future of Marsuret is undoubtedly sparkling, a promise of further Prosecco masterpieces and a continued dedication to quality and excellence. The prestige wines of Marsuret, five Valdobbiadene DOCGs, including two bruts, a traditional extra dry, and two drys, embody the excellence of an extraordinary wine-growing area. Each of their sparkling wines, from the driest to the softest, is elegant and refined – perfect.

To the winegrower: Azienda Agricola Marsuret

Duca di Dolle

The sparkling wine producer Duca di Dolle produces in an ancient 16th-century monastery surrounded by over 70-year-old vineyards. Located in Rolle, a tiny hamlet in the heart of the hills of Prosecco Superiore D.O.C.G. of Conegliano-Valdobbiadene, an area designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site since 2019, visitors can expect a unique experience that blends history and tradition with taste and innovation.

The estate of Duca di Dolle has deep roots in history. Since the 16th century, it has been a monastery and a center of wine production. Today, it spans over 75 hectares of vineyards, forests, meadows, and pastures – a true oasis of peace and nature nestled in the silence of the hills.

The Duca di Dolle now hosts guests and still showcases the entrance portal and partially concealed arches of the cloister. The Camaldolese monks established the winemaking tradition in these hills, and the hermitage became a focal point for the region.

Later, the property passed to the Brandolini family until it eventually came into the possession of the "farmer poet" Nino Mura. In the 1950s and 1960s, Mura opened the place to selected friends such as the poets Giovanni Comisso and Andrea Zanzotto. Antonio Bisol acquired the entire estate from Mura, and thanks to careful restoration, the Borgo di Rolle became Italy's first FAI (Fondo Ambiente Italiano) point for landscape conservation.

In 2011, Duca di Dolle was acquired by the Baccini family. Coming from the world of research and development, they immediately decided to focus on innovation, product quality, and ecological sustainability. Since 2015, the area of ​​the estate has been expanded by another 53 hectares – an investment in the enhancement and protection of the Rolle area.

At Duca di Dolle, they put all their work, effort, and true passion into every bottle of sparkling wine. Their goal is to offer everyone an authentic and unique experience – the DDD Experience. Their mission is to be excellent producers of sparkling wines of the highest quality. They carefully select their partners and work with respect for the environment.

Their philosophy is simple: all grapes are their own, and they personally oversee every phase of the process. From pruning to harvest, everything is done by hand to ensure that their sparkling wines reflect the best of the terroir.

To the winegrower: Duca di Dolle

COL DEL LUPO Azienda Agricola

In 1942, the story of Col del Lupo began when young Aldo inherited the estate "Col del Lupo" from his father. It comprised a hill covered with vineyards and a cottage with breathtaking views of the hilly amphitheater where the magic of Prosecco DOCG is celebrated. Aldo dedicated his life to nurturing this heritage and left his nephews a valuable legacy which they manage with great respect and deep sense of responsibility. Their shared passion for the vineyards and the land united them.

In 2016, the vineyard "La Tea" was added to the Col del Lupo estate through the restoration of old Prosecco vines located on a steep slope with an ideal DOCG content in the Rolle area. All the lands are situated on the high hills between Valdobbiadene and Conegliano, where only organic farming is possible. Since 2018, management has been based on these principles. This involves combating natural enemies of the vines in a non-invasive manner and employing techniques that stimulate the natural defenses of the vines. All agricultural activities on the hills are carried out by hand to minimize soil compaction and the use of machinery. Harvesting is exclusively done by hand due to the steepness of the slopes. Grapes from such slopes have natural advantages over those from the plains. The wines have minimal sulfur content as they come from healthy grapes processed using reduction techniques.

As members of FIVI, the founding family personally manages their vineyards. Thus, Col del Lupo sells their harvest in bottles under their own name and label, contributing to the enhancement of the image of Italian wine. They exclusively process grapes from the high hills, as the environment is the main ingredient for a good Valdobbiadene Prosecco DOCG. With high-quality raw material, they minimize processing in the cellar and obtain an authentic Valdobbiadene Prosecco DOCG, shaped by the history of the region.

To the winegrower: COL DEL LUPO Azienda Agricola

Casa Terriera

Casa Terriera is an ancient residence in the heart of the hills of Conegliano Valdobbiadene and takes its name from the noble family that first inhabited it and from which the ancestors of the Sossai family descended. Today, the estate is owned by Pier Luigi Sossai, who has had a deep connection with the land, with agriculture in general and with all its traditions since his childhood and has made this passion his profession.

Today, Francesca and Alessandra, Pier Luigi's daughters, stand by their father's side and utilise his knowledge of sparkling wine. With their fresh eyes and determination, they perfectly complement their father's many years of experience. Together, they are working to continue the legacy of Casa Terriera and explore new ways to improve the quality of sparkling wine and expand its reach. Through their shared vision and commitment, they are helping to preserve the traditions of their family while leading it into the future.

To the winegrower: Casa Terriera

Michele Dalto Azienda agricola Abbazia di Follina

Michele Dalto, winemaker from Valdobbiadene, has dedicated himself to the production of his Sparkling wine since 2003. Driven by his deeply rooted philosophy, he uses nature as his office His vineyards stretch between the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of the Prosecco Hills and the Dolomites. There, he places particular emphasis on ecological sustainability and the slow-life philosophy, which respects the time that nature needs to enable a fruitful relationship between man and the earth.
His Sparkling wine, Svelato d'artista and Madresàl, are born from this connection with nature. Each bottle tells the story of a harmonious symbiosis between man and the land, captured in every sip.

To the winegrower: Michele Dalto Azienda agricola Abbazia di Follina